About PERSPEX<sup>®</sup> Acrylic Brand

About PERSPEX® Acrylic Brand

The what, who and how....

Here at Perspex International HQ, we pride ourselves on our acrylic sheet products; with many versatile fabrication and design potentials, endless application areas and our innovative advancements in made-to-order colours, textures and effects.

Established in 1934, “PERSPEX” is a registered trademark of Perspex International, one of the world’s leading producers of acrylic sheet products. With world-class research, development and manufacturing facilities based in the UK, partnered with a reliable distribution network that covers the globe; we are able to deliver a constant stream of inspiring solutions to you quickly, efficiently and securely.

Since December 2018, Perspex International Ltd. is a member of 3A Composites, an independent division of Schweiter Technologies AG, headquartered in Steinhausen, Switzerland.

Our Heritage:

Over 80 years ago, a piece of acrylic caused a revolution in the world of design. Like so many of the best inventions, its simplicity was what made it so brilliant. It was strong. It was clear. You could mold it, heat it, cut it and bend it. It offered a whole new world of opportunities to designers from all industries and made the PERSPEX® brand a household name almost overnight…

Since then, the PERSPEX® brand has established an envious reputation as one of the most creative, flexible and eye-catching materials in the market for corporate imaging and signage. But the application for this product doesn’t stop there, the possibilities are endless: from aquariums to architecture, boats to bathrooms, fashion to furniture, glazing to gliders and shop signs to shelving.

Our Ethos:

PERSPEX® is our passion. Our people are our foundation.

Our mission is to influence and support the talents of our highly-advanced & innovative teams, from the production plant operators to our customer service, R&D and everyone else in between.

We ensure that the premium acrylic sheet material we produce is of consistent high quality; paired with our commitment to provide you with a professional and personable level of service that you can depend on.

Our Service:

Our first priority is to meet the needs of the most important part of our business – you, our customers. We are all about absolute dedication and understanding of your bespoke needs. We encourage working side by side to achieve the best possible outcome and exceed expectations wherever and whenever possible.


We are not just a manufacturer; we are a solution provider:


Do you need a bespoke colour?

Our in-house colour experts can match almost any colour or create new bespoke hues tailored to your requirements.

Need some Technical advice?

Our team of technical experts have extensive experience in acrylic, from recommending fabrication techniques to giving advice on installing, lighting and cleaning the finished product and beyond.

Need some Marketing support?

Get in touch with our marketing team to collaborate directly with the PERSPEX® brand; gain extra support with sales tools, events or create innovative tailored promotions to suit your business.

Could your company benefit from some product training tailored to your individual needs?

We regularly hold training seminars with our customers to not only ensure that they get the best out of our products, but that we fully understand their needs too.

Want to work with a reliable brand?

From batch-to-batch colour consistency, to providing outstanding service, we are renowned for the exacting approach and quality in all that we do.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Contact our sales team today to discuss your personal needs…


Potential. Performance. Perspex®.

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