Electronics & Energy

Electronics & Energy

Switch on to PERSPEX® acrylic

Lightweight, shock and abrasion resistant and with excellent fabrication properties, not to mention outstanding technical features such as our infra-red transmitting black, the highly versatile nature of PERSPEX® acrylic means that it is used in a wide range of electronic appliances.

From infra-red transmitter and receiver windows on your remote control, to bespoke stereo speaker systems, turntables and iconic electric guitars, PERSPEX® acrylic is used in all forms of technology.  So whether you’re strumming along to your favourite track or recording your favourite TV show, thanks to its durability and good resistance to scratching, PERSPEX® acrylic won’t spoil your fun!

Or on an industrial scale, the outstanding optical quality, strength and surface hardness, makes PERSPEX® acrylic an ideal material for use in electronic display panels on the machines they use to make the machines that will make the gadgets and devices.

So at home and in work, people are switching on to PERSPEX® acrylic every day.

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