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Furniture & Design

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The world of design is a complex one. Whether you’re designing tables, chairs, beds, boxes, shelves, storage units, lampshades – even a piece of art, many questions need to be asked before pen gets put to paper: What’s it for? Who will be using it? How old are they? What will they be doing? How long will they be doing it for?

Available in different colours, different shades, different textures and different effects; PERSPEX® acrylic can be lasered, shaped, machined, milled and drilled, as well as formed, bent, printed, glued and polished.

Whether you’re basing your designs firmly on the side of form or function, PERSPEX® acrylic has a wide range of products to push your creative boundaries. Whatever the shape, whatever the size, whatever the colour, whatever you’ve got in mind, PERSPEX® acrylic will bring it to life.

From picture frames to Turner prize nominations, from garden feature walls to interactive art installations, PERSPEX® brand acrylic helps turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Here are some of the more unique examples it’s been used for:

  • Shangri-La Arena interactive light installation at Glastonbury music festival
  • “Sand and Ice Garden” design for the 2007 Chelsea Flower Show
  • Concept furniture for Wallpaper Magazine
  • Bedroom furniture in PERSPEX® Frost in Crystal Clear by Saxum Design
  • Ceiling by Liam Gillick  which was shortlisted for the Turner Prize
  • BoBo Designs Frosted Glo-nuts – multifunctional seating, lighting and storage
  • Chaise Longue designed by Ron Arad
  • Bubble chair designed by Ben Rousseau
  • Cupboards fabricated by Kewlox in Belgium
  • Sculpture for KPMG’s UK headquarters designed by Inplas Fabrications in collaboration with artist Clare Knapp
  • Eleganz® cabinet doors made by Mitchell Plastics  for alfresco kitchens

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