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Light is an essential part of our lives and plays an integral role in the way we perceive the world around us. If you stop and imagine your city with no light; darkened rooms and dull signage… what a dim place it would be. The functionality of light is vital both at work and in the home; it is a necessity that most of us take for granted. From the opposite viewpoint: light can be used as a tool for businesses across the globe; to create striking displays and eye catching signage for crucial brand awareness.

Thanks to its excellent light transmission, vast array of colours and ease of fabrication; PERSPEX® acrylic has been used in a whole array of interior and exterior lit applications for both visual communications and the lighting industry.
Whatever your objective, PERSPEX® acrylic for lighting is the perfect solution when you are looking for a material to both optimise and creatively manage light to achieve a whole range of stunning effects for all of your domestic, commercial and advertising needs.



This collection is specifically optimised for LED ceiling panels, capable of lighting up any room or space in either domestic, commercial or industrial areas. The range offers products for different luminaire design construction; edge lit and back lit, as well as a reflector sheet. They give customers enhanced luminaire brightness and evenness in tandem with their choice of LEDs and ceiling panel performance specifications. PERSPEX® Light not only allows for thinner light panels, but offers ultimate diffusion power and essential LED hotspot hiding properties.

PERSPEX® Diffuse
PERSPEX® Reflect


PERSPEX® Illumination:

The PERSPEX® brand brings together all products specifically optimised for lighting in visual communication, display and signage applications under one range: PERSPEX® Illumination. These products can provide illuminated signage for any enterprise, from extra small to large poster boxes, to stand out block lettering or smaller point of sale units. This range enables sign makers, specifiers and designers to enjoy the benefits of LED’s to create elegant designs that are cost and eco-efficient, whilst enhancing intensity and colour for every brand.

Spectrum LED
Spectrum LED Block
S-Lux, G-Lux
Secret Sign

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