<i>Aglow</i> by Liz West

Aglow by Liz West

Nemozena commissioned glowing installation for pop-up events across the world.

Aglow by Liz West, is a newly commissioned installation by Nemozena, consisting of one hundred and sixty nine hemispherical fluorescent coloured PERSPEX® acrylic bowls; arranged on the ground in uniformed lines to create a hexagon shape measuring 1500cm2 and 45cm high. West's interest in the relationship between colour & light, and her obsession with materials that enhance the viewer’s perception, are the key reasons for her specifying PERSPEX® acrylic for this large scale project.

PERSPEX® Fluorescent was specially selected due to the products’ divine luminous colour range. The ‘live’ edges were integral to the concept of the work and the material transparency levels work beautifully with the natural sunlight, printing brightly coloured shadows onto the ground, mimicking a giant sundial. Another layer to the work was that the edges of these multiple 'unplugged' neon bowls glow as if charged with electricity: a key characteristic of the PERSPEX® Fluorescent collection. All six colours from the range offer this striking edge effect that presents a vibrant rim to the top of each bowl. This merges Liz West’s artificially lit and naturally lit works together.

The PERSPEX® acrylic was first CNC cut into disks, and then dome-blowed to precision; this was a test for Abbey Distribution to blow each dome to create identical dimensions. Getting the bowls in perfect alignment and spacing between them during installation was the biggest challenge; but this was simplified by using clear acrylic tubes to stabilise the bowls and ensure all remained perfectly placed. West often utilises geometry and repetition in her installations to create large scale, impactful works.

The high gloss finish of the material offers a highly reflective concave surface in which to view the surrounding architecture – starting with the elegant details of Musée Nissim de Camondo in Paris as part of Paris Fashion Week 2018 - enabling spectators the opportunity to see their surroundings in a new (fluorescent tinted) light. The individual basins also serve as rain catchers depending on the weather, adding an extra dimension to the work and another reflective surface in which to observe their vicinity.

Aglow is a collaboration inspired by the Nemozena’s vision to celebrate female empowerment and showcase the brilliance and vitality of female individuals around the world. Originally completed and launched on 26th September 2018 for Paris Fashion Week, following that it was showcased at Dubai Design week in November. Next stop: Milan!