Clear Hearing

Clear Hearing

This giant sound system will go unnoticed, until turned on!

Ferguson Hill is an independent UK company, renowned for its high end sound systems comprising of giant horn-loaded loudspeakers and other hi-fi mechanisms; all products use Perspex® Clear acrylic as the core material for their outstanding elegant design.

The company heritage has set the tone for their unstoppable reputation as ‘British designer loudspeaker specialists’. Their first ground-breaking product launched in 2003 and was named: “the world’s first ever front loaded horn dipole loudspeaker”. Founder and designer Tim Hill, a former aeronautical engineer, brought the Ferguson Hill name onto the hi-fi and audio scene with this innovative design, and the manufacture of FHOO1 speaker systems.

Perspex® Clear was specified for its extremely tough cast acrylic properties and ease of fabrication. The speaker horn measuring an impressive (h) 1650 mm X (w)920 mm, is expertly moulded onto a welded stainless steel stand. The support ring and phase plug are precision machined from aluminium alloy; a contrasting opaque material connected to Perspex® acrylic: one of the most optically clear materials, with a higher light transmission than glass. The boldness of the speaker size is compromised by its camouflaged nature, these near-invisible large horns don’t appear to overpower smaller areas.

Ferguson Hill now distributes to over 30 countries worldwide and attracts high-end clientele such as the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel (Dubai) and the Hilton Hotel Lisbon. Smaller scaled products are also now available from the company to supply the general public for these unique speaker systems. Read more about their products and expertise here.

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