HOUSE STYLE: Display Cases

HOUSE STYLE: Display Cases

PERSPEX® acrylic selected to guard in style: Five Centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth.

House Style: Five Centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth.

Sponsored by Gucci, House Style is the largest exhibition to date presented at Chatsworth in Derbyshire, England.

PERSPEX® acrylic was designated to master the most challenging and accomplished display case designs our technical experts have ever seen. Patrick Kinmonth, head of creative direction developed the designs from his initial ‘lightbulb moment’ when he was lounging in the bath, he explained at the launch event: “…I saw the bubbles and the way they joined together, creating a straight line. You can see in this case [referring to the display in the first room] they do a fascinating thing; I envisaged how beautiful it could be when expanded upwards… The PERSPEX® display cases offer a solution for how these clothes and mannequins could be staged without isolating the items – curves are the solution”.

The beautifully framed PERSPEX® acrylic stands (up to) three meters tall and thermoformed into smooth curves, creating a number of oversized test-tube cylinders uniquely pieced together. Each PERSPEX® display case design is unexpected; some are joined up with more cylinders of different diameters, while others enclose tightly around the precious pieces within the extraordinary exhibition.

“Other materials were initially investigated for the display case designs”, Mauricio Elorriaga, Design Director at Patrick Kinmonth studio explained; “Glass in the first instance; however, it is over twice as heavy as PERSPEX® acrylic which would have limited the exhibition layout possibilities, knowing that the floor loading capacity is a concern on a listed building. Glass also presents more obstacles in regards to cost effectiveness of the material itself, fabrication and handling fees. An alternative material considered was polycarbonate, but the optical clarity and overall aesthetics did not fit the design specification”.Fabricators, Factory Settings have vast experience when it comes to acrylic and glass display units, but they had never before attempted such complex designs. Achieving an even curvature using full size sheets was a challenge. Yet, relying on PERSPEX® acrylic thickness tolerance and thermoformability, mixed with their expertise resulted in achieving maximum height and impeccable frame fit, which formed a more dramatic and show stopping look that has been extremely well received by visitors and the media.Representatives at Chatsworth  commented: “House Style is such a different exhibition, more ambitious than anything we have done previously… advance online ticket sales are higher than for any other exhibition we have held, and our opening weekend was one of the busiest Chatsworth has ever had”.

The team has great expectations for the rest of the year. The House Style exhibition is included in the house ticket purchase until 22nd October 2017. Tickets can be purchased on the Chatsworth website.


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