The Beacon: supported by PERSPEX<sup>®</sup>

The Beacon: supported by PERSPEX®

The tallest installation ever at Clerkenwell Design Week

The Beacon is one of Clerkenwell Design Week’s most ambitious installations to date, standing 26 feet (8 meters) tall; the fiery colour pallet is made up of red and orange PERSPEX® acrylic panels that dominate the setting; contrasting against the natural rich greenery of the ‘Design Fields’ within Clerkenwell, UK.

During the 3-day show, visitors could climb the temporary tower via the encased stairs that lead up to a viewing platform that overlooks where industrial Clerkenwell meets the historical. The structure internally holds an unanticipated creative flair: the PERSPEX® acrylic panels are juxtaposed against rustic steel scaffolding poles and barriers. The vertical framework, together with the diamond shaped external design, generates extraordinary architectural-like guidelines.

From the inside looking out, there are a number of PERSPEX® sheet textures on display too. The satin finish sheet showcases a solid pop of block colour due to its matt surface. In contrast, the high gloss finish reflects the complex man-made construction on the internal and nearby buildings and trees are mirrored on the external.

PERSPEX® Fluorescent in Lava Orange adds more vibrancy with the glowing edge effect: a delicate, yet stand-out addition to the design. On the climb up to the top, many people were also seen paused midway, looking out of theses Fluorescent windows where their view was entirely stained with colour.

The design overall echoes the look of the iconic PERSPEX® brand colour chain swatches: the structure is clad in a vibrant grid of PERSPEX® acrylic squares, collectively labelled with a colour reference name and number. Each colour name however has been translated into one of the 80 different languages spoken in the Islington area, as logged in recent census data. The accompanying number reference represents the amount of people recorded as primarily speaking that language. The Tower of Babel motivated this typographical language concept; The Beacon celebrates the internationalism of the area and of the design industry as a whole.

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