Energy saving solution

Energy saving solution

Fridge doors from Eis-kalt are the clear choice for energy saving

Eis-kalt (UK) Ltd is a company based in Bolton in north west England who design and supply products for retail shopping outlets.

They have designed a range of energy saving doors that are fitted to in-store chiller cabinets to improve the energy efficiency of the cabinets by reducing the amount of cold air lost from the cabinets.

The doors are made from 10mm thick PERSPEX® clear cast acrylic sheet, which is laser cut to size and shaped to give a perfect fit to the cabinets.

The doors are fitted with plastic hinges which open to 180 degrees allowing easy access to the food by consumers and have an auto close system to further reduce cold air loss.

The clear PERSPEX® acrylic doors not only allow consumers to easily see the food on display but they also help create a more conducive temperature around the chiller cabinets.

PERSPEX® acrylic was the ideal material for this type of application as it offers excellent clarity, is extremely hard wearing and is easy to keep clean.

To date, Eis-kalt have supplied their new energy saving fridge doors to a number of stores including Spar, Premier and CO-OP.

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