Inspired window displays

Inspired window displays

PERSPEX® Fluorescent is the model material for inspired window displays

Denny Plastics have created a window installation designed by London based architectural studio Feix & Merlin for the Ferrari flagship store as part of the annual RIBA Regent Street Windows Project.

Using strips of 5mm thick PERSPEX® Fluorescent cast acrylic sheet in Mars Red 4T56 and Helios Yellow 2T51, which were cut to shape, polished and drape formed over MDF profiles, Denny created PERSPEX® acrylic representations of two classic Ferrari models: the Ferrari Formula 1 car and the Ferrari Gran Tourismo.

These models were installed in the store window together with a series of continuously moving neon lights, echoing the smoke trails of the Ferrari wind tunnel.

The window installation was part of the 3rd annual Regent Street Windows project.

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