Illuminated Tiles

Illuminated Tiles

PERSPEX® acrylic creates a statement entry to new housing development

A UK-based PERSPEX® acrylic approved fabricator, Floreeda Fabrications Ltd, has used PERSPEX® Frost tiles to inject both colour and light into a new housing scheme in the trendy town of Brighton on England’s south coast. The PERSPEX® acrylic pieces help illuminate and decorate 4 entrance atriums, designed by public art consultant Stig Evans, for the 95-apartment development.

Over 80 individual tiles showcase the range of vivid colours and pastel shades available within the PERSPEX® Frost range. Woven into the walls alongside a contemporary slate design, Chilli Red, Aurora Violet, Sapphire Blue and Azure Blue were chosen for the LED illuminated panels to create a dramatic entrance.

The project execution included detailed design prototyping to ensure each tile was evenly illuminated with no hotspots or banding. This was made even more challenging as each tile had to be positioned just 26mm from the LED light source. Flexible LEDs from Perspex Distribution Ltd. were chosen as they offer colour continuity along the entire length of the strip, while 3M™ double-sided tape on all strips helped the complex build and installation.

If you are looking for a material to both optimise and creatively manage light to achieve a whole range of stunning effects, PERSPEX® acrylic is the perfect match.

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