gambo Lights

gambo Lights

PERSPEX® acrylic used in gambo lights – a new concept in lighting design

gambo GmbH is a German industrial design company led by designers Florian Lösch and Parkpoom Deerassamee. They have created the gambo light, an innovative and stylish light which uses 3mm thick PERSPEX® cast acrylic sheet in an intricate interlocking design.

gambo lights are available in 2 sizes – a larger 475mm diameter light which is designed to be a floor standing to provide a real focal point for a room and a smaller 295mm diameter size, ideal for use as a desk or table lamp.

Both sizes feature a unique interlocking design structure that combines curved outer ribs, held in place with circular shaped pieces at the front and rear – a design which requires absolutely no fixings or glue. This is possible due to the use of precision cut and shaped PERSPEX® acrylic pieces which are an integral part of the design.

The gambo lights are powered by a mini halogen bulb at the rear of the light, shining through and out of the structure to emit a subtle glow from the sides of the light. A key design feature of the gambo light is an interchangeable, template made from PERSPEX® acrylic which is placed at the front of the light, onto which is etched one of a series of 15 different designs, allowing the user to change the light patterns being projected from the light.

gambo lights are made using solid PERSPEX® acrylic colours for the structure and translucent PERSPEX® colours for the template, including yellow, green, red, amber, black and white. As gambo lights can be assembled to order, using any combination of colours and template designs that means customers have literally hundreds of options to choose from. The designers can also make bespoke templates to match individual or corporate designs.

The PERSPEX® acrylic elements are precision cut and formed by specialist German fabricator J Schwarz. Using PERSPEX® sheet in the design allows for the slight expansion and contraction of the pieces as the light unit warms and cools and ensues the lights are robust and hardwearing as well as beautiful.

The PERSPEX® sheet was supplied by local distributor Findeis GmbH.

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