Space Ship Canopy crafted from PERSPEX<sup>®</sup> acrylic

Space Ship Canopy crafted from PERSPEX® acrylic

PERSPEX® acrylic features in Hollywood blockbuster ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Originally used as a strong, lightweight solution for Spitfire canopies back in 1938, PERSPEX® acrylic has made the leap from aircraft to space ship canopies.

Approved PERSPEX® acrylic fabricators Inplas fabrications Ltd were commissioned to work on the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, to create a cockpit canopy for ‘Star-Lord's’ space ship, a central part of the films imagery and storyline.

An aluminium frame was created from a 3D printed template, and used to create a number of test pieces until the final canopy was created using PERSPEX®  acrylic. During various technical sessions, Inplas were able to advise the films props team on the best way to create this technically demanding piece of “space hardware”.

Using 10mm thick clear PERSPEX® cast acrylic sheet, the huge 25ft x 9ft canopy had to be formed from eleven separate thermoformed panels which were then expertly fixed into position by the Inplas team working on location at the film’s Pinewood Studios, one of the world's leading destinations for the makers of film, television, commercials and video games.

The design team at Inplas worked closely with the film art directors and props team from initial concept through to installation and the project was finished within extremely tight deadlines and on budget – testament to their craftsmanship and expertise using PERSPEX® acrylic.

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