Kaindl Floor Factory

Kaindl Floor Factory

Ultra modern factory development in Austria gets the PERSPEX® acrylic treatment

Salzburg floor coverings manufacturer Kaindl have used PERSPEX® maxi-size Clear maxi-size sheet in 5mm and 12mm thickness as a key part of the design and architecture in their new factory development.

More than 1500m2 of PERSPEX® Clear sheet was supplied by distributor Julius Fritsche to be used in the creation of a spectacular 5m long, high level, cylindrical walkway which links the two main factory buildings.

PERSPEX® acrylic was also used to create a number of triple glazed, domed windows in sizes up to 2500mm, which provide architectural interest as well as their practical function.

The triple-glazed windows offer excellent insulation against weather and sound; and both the windows and the walkway provide superb optical clarity, outstanding light transmission and are guaranteed against UV damage.

The walkway and windows were designed, fabricated and installed by: Zeiler k-tec GmbH; the project was completed in June 2008.

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