Kewlox Furniture Range

Kewlox Furniture Range

Kewlox use PERSPEX® Frost in new furniture range

Belgian furniture manufacturer Kewlox have developed a new range of furniture which includes panels and doors made from 3mm thick PERSPEX® Frost cast acrylic sheet.

The range includes display and storage units, cupboards and wardrobes, which are made using materials such as wood, laminate and aluminium, with panels made from PERSPEX® Frost.

Kewlox offer over 20 different colours of PERSPEX® acrylic for the panels – including 9 colours which are specially made for the company for this range. The colours are bright, modern and contemporary and the slight translucency of the PERSPEX® Frost sheet means that light can penetrate the panels, giving the furniture a light, modern look.

Kewlox has developed products for both household and commercial use - for example in schools, offices and the retail sector. The frosted surface of the sheet means that the panels will not show finger marks and its strength and impact resistance make it hardwearing in both domestic and commercial environments.

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