Kyle Wilkinson Designer Chair

Kyle Wilkinson Designer Chair

Uniquely designed chair created from PERSPEX® acrylic is a creative work of art

Crystal clear PERSPEX® acrylic, beautiful design and the highest quality laser cutting and fabrication techniques have come together to create a uniquely conceived chair which has been described as a pure work-of-art.
The chair was designed by Kyle Wilkinson, Creative Director at DMSQD, a Yorkshire based agency specialising in graphic design, branding and digital solutions.

It was made for Enlightened 2013 – an exhibition held by laser cutting and engraving specialists Cutting Technologies, who wanted to bring together top creative talent to explore the potential of lasers in design.

Briefed to create something that was beautifully elegant as well as being detailed and intricate, Kyle’s inspired design was brought to life and crafted by Cutting Technologies using 77 individually cut pieces of clear, 12mm thick PERSPEX® acrylic, supplied by Perspex Distribution Ltd.

The design of the chair is unique ; from the front and back, the chair appears a maze of complex, interlocking pieces, whilst from the side it looks richly curved, smooth and fluid.
Designers from the world of art, fashion, accessories and furniture were invited to take part in Enlightened 2013. They could use any style or material in their concepts – but their work had to incorporate laser cutting or engraving.

The exhibition was a great success, with Kyle’s chair creating a fabulous focal point.

Jane Robinson, Director of Cutting Technologies, said; “PERSPEX® brand acrylic played a key role in the exhibition, with a number of designers choosing to incorporate the material in their designs. We even chose to make the invitations to the event in PERSPEX® Black – laser engraved, of course!”. She added’ “PERSPEX® acrylic is an excellent material for laser cutting and engraving and was one of the very first materials to be cut using lasers. It’s unique in that it's the only material that completely leaves a smooth clean edge when cut.”

Cutting Technologies has some of the best laser equipment in the UK and can cut and engrave full size PERSPEX® acrylic sheets (3m x 2m) giving optimum material utilisation, from 0.5mm to 25mm thick and with a polished edge.

PERSPEX® acrylicc is an easy material to work with and keeps Cutting Technologies’ lasers busy on a daily basis being used in many different applications, from decorative wall panels to jewellery.

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