Windshields Formed from PERSPEX<sup>®</sup> acrylic hit the road

Windshields Formed from PERSPEX® acrylic hit the road

Powerbronze windsheilds allow motorcycle enthusiasts to customise

Motorcycle accessory manufacturer Powerbronze International produces and supplies windshields formed from PERSPEX® cast acrylicto a global market including Europe, America and the Far East.

Powerbronze offer windshields using a range of colours including PERSPEX® Neutral, Blue, Red and Black shades helping customers customise their bikes to stand out from the crowd.

Working with PERSPEX® acrylic has enabled Powerbronze to lead their field in innovative concepts and designs. With its superb clarity, fabrication properties, quality and consistency, PERSPEX® cast acrylic ensures that Powerbronze windscreens meet or exceed the stringent German TÜV and ABE type approval specifications.

Like all Powerbronze products, the windshields are designed and engineered in their UK factory. The windshields are laser cut and fabricated onsite before being hand finished and polished, then shipped to customers worldwide.

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