Ringlight crafted from PERSPEX<sup>®</sup> Frost

Ringlight crafted from PERSPEX® Frost

“Design doesn’t stop at the walls. Building a home is a textured experience…” - B E Architecture

Shortlisted for the INDE Awards, ‘The Living Space – 2018’ category, the Armadale residence from the exterior is made up of 260 tons of granite cladding, yet the ambiance is somewhat light and airy from the outside-in. B E Architecture opted for a minimalistic theme to the interior décor; the walls and ceilings are presented bright white, allowing for a number of statement pieces to steal your attention…one of which is the impressive, custom-made ‘Ringlight’ crafted from our PERSPEX® Frost colour collection.

The lighting structure is a gigantic 4 metre wide, circular, 3D montage of PERSPEX® acrylic ‘disks’; each having their own laser cut slots which allow them to interconnect in a seemingly random composition. This organised-chaos promotes playfulness, which was a key element for the Armadale residents to bring out their ‘fun side’ via the interiors. PERSPEX® Frost was specified due to its sophisticated colour options as well as its double sided matt surface, allowing for more light diffusion through the acrylic sheet, presenting a softer glow overall.

The original designs were laser cut and developed in the studio, yet the fitting of the disks and piecing together the ring was carefully fabricated inside the house by LBA Construction, due to the sheer scale of this permanent piece.

Based on the luminaire’s desired lifespan in this home, it was more practical to secure the disks first into clusters using a solvent to reinforce strength, followed by attaching each cluster to the 4-metre metal ring imitating the ‘backbone’ holding all the clusters’ together.

The ring itself is wired with lights, designed to float over the living and dining areas adding texture and depth to the home’s simplistic style. The multi-coloured PERSPEX® Frost disk arrangement merges colourful, yet muted warmer tones to contrast with the property’s monochrome skin.

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*Photo credit: Dereck Swalwell