Projection screens worth viewing

Projection screens worth viewing

Screen -Tech use PERSPEX® Vision in their unique, high tech, high spec projection screens

Projection screen manufacturers Screen -Tech have used a specially developed grade of PERSPEX® Vision to create their range of unique high quality and high performance, rear and front projection screens.

The company use specially developed grades of PERSPEX® Vision to create their “ST Professional" range of front and rear projection screens, which offer excellent visibility, accurate colour reproduction and pin-point clarity.

Screen-Tech pioneered the use of opalised projection screens and have over 25 years experience in this area. Applications for the new range include retail outlets and shopping malls, air and rail terminals and other public venues, such as sports stadiums, university campus and even a theatre.

The screens have a viewing angle of 160 degrees and project an ultra -sharp 3D image with no hot-spots, perfect for HD TV viewing. They are slim and unobtrusive, robust and hardwearing and easy to install, clean and maintain. As the screens have no coatings or laminates, they can be fully recycled at their end of life.

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