Products of the Future

Products of the Future

Innovative company design for current and future lifestyle needs

SLAMM! is a newly established initiative formed from the coming together of young, creative and imaginative minds. This team of designers, based in Warsaw, are on a quest to discover high quality materials, innovative solutions and good design to meet the needs of a modern lifestyle.

PERSPEX® acrylic is a material SLAMM! hold in high regard, which features heavily in their recently launched designs.

S!1022 is an interior design project set to meet the needs of a young family living in an apartment. The main objectives were comfort, functionality and simplicity. The design features a large integrated fridge/freezer and storage compartment clad in PERSPEX® Naturals in Mineral Grey and two coffee table designs. This is a modern material, bringing clean and simple lines with a natural look. The matt surface offers a soft appealing texture, yet performs well in demanding environments.

S!NOL is a “floating” lamp designed for both classical and modern arranged interiors. It is simple and stark, and despite its size with a 900mm diameter, it appears light and subtle. Due to delicate light fixture made of PERSPEX® acrylic in Opal/White, colourful cables and decorative LED bulbs, the lamp is not only a beautiful item but also a practical source of light.

S!Clear is a collection of furniture fabricated from PERSPEX® Clear acrylic which constitutes an ideal way to revive a bland room. It is a real blast of modernity. The furniture attracts attention, while remaining subtle and delicate. The products can be placed in a garden or a patio, as they are weather-resistant. They do not occupy much space and they are perfect for small living areas arrangement. Benches, tables, stools, armchairs, and shelves ‒ each and every product is unique in its very own way. 

With a passion for design and technology, SLAMM! is keen on concepting new ideas that address demographic changes affecting modern society. PERSPEX® acrylic helps SLAMM!’s designs reach their full potential, offering high versatility, excellent fabrication properties and a lightweight alternative to many other materials.

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