Illuminating Signage and Beyond!

Illuminating Signage and Beyond!

National Space Centre reopened with a BANG, and sales ROCKETED!

The award-winning National Space Centre in Leicester underwent an astronomical renovation to boost enthusiasm and excitement for guests of all ages visiting the facility.

Compared with the previous entrance, the new design is like stepping into another universe. The dark and mysterious walls create an eerie backdrop for the key feature showcased in the centre of the foyer: the iconic Soyuz Spacecraft. The surrounding area is dominated by strong illuminated signage that guides guests towards the major attractions of the museum: the Rocket Tower, the Boosters Café, Planetarium and the main entrance.

PERSPEX® acrylic sheet was the material of choice for Mynt, who reinvented the area. Both matt and gloss black sheets were used as lettering for the Café and wall coverings throughout the entire zone, adding infinite depth to the space and allowing the new large-scale branding and signage to stand out.

Local fabricators, Sign Here, brought their technical knowledge and experience of working with PERSPEX® acrylic to the development; which ensured first class laser cut features throughout the new design.

PERSPEX® Opal grades (050 & 069) were utilised for the back lit illuminated lettering; including the ‘WELCOME’ sign, displayed at 2533mm x 366mm, as well as other key branding and educational areas. In contrast to the white lettering, PERSPEX® Red 431 was also specified for ‘THE ROCKET TOWER’, standing tall at 5080mm x 490mm fixed to the wall vertically, also the ‘SOYUZ’ letters: a large version measuring 4056mm long and a smaller sign sized at 2476mm long.

Thanks to this completely reinvented area, the period after launch saw an increase of 22% in visitors and Boosters Café revenue soared 48%. The National Space Centre opened its doors to visitors back in 2001; now over 15 years later the museum is home to six interactive galleries, the UK’s largest planetarium, a unique 3D Simulator experience and the iconic 42m high Rocket Tower. This award-winning centre is an out of this world experience.

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