Be-Spoek Creations make an Impression

Be-Spoek Creations make an Impression

French luminaire designer uses PERSPEX® Impressions to create interior lamps…

A French creator, Spoek-Creations has developed a number of quirky luminaire collections using one of the PERSPEX® brands’ most bespoke ranges: PERSPEX® Impressions Linear. These decorative lamp designs are suitable to light up any interior space or completely transform a room by combining style with modernism.

Looking deeper into the creative thought process behind one collection: ‘SOARING’ is inspired by the beauty of a bird’s posture and shape. Measuring 24cm in height, these neat light units are lightweight, yet sturdy due to our 5mm thick PERSPEX® acrylic.

Cut to size, PERSPEX® Impressions sheet is precisely line-bent at 90 degrees twice, surrounding three sides of the lamp design and leaving the bulb completely exposed on one side. The striking ‘Linear’ pattern glowing on each of the three sides adds texture and depth to each piece. This design works great for lamps, wall units or even floor uplighters.

Spoek-Creations creator and specifier, commented on how well PERSPEX® acrylic met his requirements: “the material is of first rate quality, and that's what I need for my creations. I have made many pieces with PERSPEX® acrylic, all with highly satisfactory results, and I will continue to use it for many projects in the future”.

There are further plans to develop and manufacture a larger SOARING model which is almost double the size at 40cm tall. Watch this space…

You can see all Spoek-Creations collections on it's website and Facebook Page.

PERSPEX® Impressions Linear is supplied for these designs by one of our French Distributors: Vink Bordeaux.

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