Q&A: Ana Armano Linta

Q&A: Ana Armano Linta

Product designer reveals all on flawlessly designed tables with ecological characteristics.

Armano Linta Studio, based in Zagreb, Croatia, was founded in 2013 by husband and wife team, Ana and Val Armano Linta. Val is an architect while Ana studied at the University of Zagreb’s School of Design, where she completed a Masters in industrial design. Their worlds have always been a complementary mix of architecture, interior- and product design, and they share a love of materials with integrity - PERSPEX® acrylic included. New from the creative partnership is Tranquilic, a luxury and inventive collection of crystal clear occasional tables that bring tranquillity to any space. PERSPEX® brand talks to Ana to find out more.

First, tell us why do you choose to work with PERSPEX® acrylic?

AAL: When we were designing Tranquilic, we knew it required precision finishing, flawless surfaces and an ability to perform brilliantly with light to bring its intelligent, beautiful form to life. That’s how we came to PERSPEX® acrylic. The possibility of 100% recyclability was also an important factor in choosing the material.

What would you say is unique about Tranquilic?

AAL: The sense of lightness and transparency is what immediately catch people’s eye. Even more importantly it helps their souls feel a strong sense of tranquility. However, the real uniqueness of Tranquilic lies in its space-saving and ecological characteristics. In addition to fitting seamlessly into all kinds of spaces and bringing a touch of luxury no matter what their size, the table designs ensure quick and easy assembly. This makes them easy to move, store and transport whenever and wherever they are needed. During production, table parts are cut from a single sheet of PERSPEX® acrylic with virtually no waste.

Do you make the products that you’ve designed in-house?

AAL: We value teamwork and partnering with others who share our commitment to open, honest communication and delivering their best. As an architecture and design studio we enjoy collaborating with precision manufacturing companies, passionate craftspeople and other specialists we know and trust. We source our PERSPEX® acrylic from Sampos in Croatia – first recommended to us by Zarko Fogec, who worked for Lucite International for many years. Sampos also do much of our precision cutting.

Do you work with any other materials?

AAL: We also work with wood. While appreciating the precise, sophisticated and uniform character of PERSPEX® acrylic, we cherish the way wood evolves over time - particularly the way it matures in color and structure.

Do you attract a particular kind of customer?

AAL: Most of our customers are people looking to create a space where they can relax and feel well. Sometimes it is quite simple - the pure geometry of the tables has a calming influence. Our square tables are usually a great fit for those who need more structure in order to let go, while the circular ones are probably preferred by those who are happy with more flow.

Tell us a little more about Armano Linta?

AAL: We’ve been in business now for five years and have worked on projects in many different countries - India, UAE, UK, France, Croatia and more. The two of us, together with our cat, make up the permanent Armano Linta crew. However, we also like to work with people from other disciplines as part of a wider team so we regularly collaborate with like-minded associates and other organizations.

How would you describe the philosophy of your business?

AAL: When we talk about architectural design or product design, we’re not talking about buildings or objects. We are talking about people, their wellbeing and happiness. Our job is to listen and translate what we perceive into physical form. Sometimes we work with individual clients, spending hours searching for their true needs and happiness and then we translate this understanding into additions to their homes. Sometimes we listen to a common need of a large group and translate this into an object. In all cases, our inspiration comes from people, while the means we use to translate people’s needs into solutions must be a sympathetic fit with the natural world.

Where can our readers buy Tranquilic coffee tables?

AAL: We have two sizes of both round and square occasional tables. Details of each can be found on our website http://www.armanolinta.hr/en and they can be purchased by emailing us: studio@armanolinta.hr. We sell direct but are actively looking for stores and distributors to reach more people throughout the world.

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