Triangular Series by Jamie Zigelbaum

Triangular Series by Jamie Zigelbaum

 2014 Design Commission for Design Miami/ Basel  

Design Miami/ Basel is a global forum for design that occurs alongside the prestigious Art Basel fairs in Basel, Switzerland in June and Miami in December. Celebrating its 9th edition, June 17-22, the fair unveiled its most ambitious Design Commission Triangular Series by Jamie Zigelbaum.

Triangular Series, a responsive, suspended installation, constructed from PERSPEX® Spectrum LED covered the entire ceiling of the fair’s cavernous, 30,000 foot entrance hall. The suspended tetrahedral forms of the immersive installation pulsed with warm and cool light, responding to the movement of visitors as they arrived and departed the fair. The installation also provided an extraordinary setting for Design Miami/ Basel’s Welcome Dinner.

The reactive lighting of Triangular Series is made possible through highly complex technology, such as custom, dynamic colour temperature LED lighting, advanced sensors, and unique software, housed within the triangular PERSPEX® acrylic forms.

Jamie Zigelbaum selected PERSPEX® Spectrum LED 1TL2 Opal to construct his interactive lighting installation. It is the ideal material for illuminated applications offering slim designs with bright, even illumination, optimised for white LEDs.

In 2013, Andrew Blum wrote in the New York Times Magazine that Jamie is part of “A new generation of visionaries [who] are using next-level technologies to create products, projects and experiences that test the limits of design—and our imaginations.” At PERSPEX® acrylic brand we love discovering how designers such as Jamie are using PERSPEX® acrylic to realise their vision.

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