PERSPEX<sup>®</sup> Frost Features in Bespoke Artwork

PERSPEX® Frost Features in Bespoke Artwork

Designers use PERSPEX® acrylic and metal to create landscape and weather-themed artwork for new health centre

Lime Arts, an organisation which develops and coordinates art and creative projects in healthcare venues, commissioned creative artists Stella Corrall and Adam Reynolds to produce a bespoke artwork using a combination of PERSPEX® cast acrylic sheet and metal for the Vallance health centre in Manchester.

The brief was to create a bespoke piece for the interior glass façade of the new health centre to give visitors a degree of privacy from passers-by whilst retaining the quality of light.

Using a design theme of ‘landscape and weather’, Corrall and Reynolds each worked on their respective areas of expertise; Reynolds created a series of opaque metal panels whilst Stella Corrall used her bespoke translucent plastic together with 3mm thick pieces of PERSPEX® in yellow and PERSPEX® Frost in Aurora violet and Blush pink. Each piece was laser cut and etched to create depth and detail to the finished piece.

Offering a range of light transmissions, unrivalled choice of colour and guaranteed product performance, PERSPEX® acrylic was an ideal material to meet this brief. The subtle, non-reflective, matt surface of PERSPEX® Frost worked beautifully to create an artwork that changes colour and mood throughout the course of the day.

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