4 Design Days

4 Design Days

Antalis present Perspex® acrylic at designer event in Katowice, Poland

Antalis, our distributor in Poland, showcased their specially selected Perspex® acrylic material ranges at a “record-breaking edition” of the Polish trade event: 4 DESIGN DAYS. The event was held at the International Congress Center and ‘Spodek’ arena in Katowice on 15-18 February 2018.

The 4 Design Days is the largest event for the property, architecture, interiors and design market in Eastern Europe. A celebration of inspiration and creativity; the show brings together the icons of global design, combined with manufacturers, service providers and developers, encouraging all to share and collaborate on worldwide trends in architecture and design.

Antalis opted for a minimalistic, modular stand that cleanly presented their branded materials, which featured the Perspex® brand as a key partner. The booth was ‘open’ in style, with various areas of the stand made from Perspex® acrylic, including:

  • Sample range display wall – Perspex® Naturals, Perspex® Sweet Pastels, Perspex® Vario, Perspex® Metropolitan, Perspex® Fluorescent
  • Windows - Perspex® XT
  • Hanging Lights - Perspex® Light
  • Bookshelves – Perspex® Opal
  • Tables – Perspex® Opal

The stand's external fascias also boldly featured their partners’ brand logos on a dramatic monochromic ‘outside wall’. Dominating, however, was a subtle gradient strip featuring Antalis’ logo and strapline, which showcased modest signage at its finest.

Well done on a good show Antalis!

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