Top Marks For PERSPEX<sup>®</sup> Brand

Top Marks For PERSPEX® Brand

PERSPEX® acrylic undergoes laser testing

The PERSPEX® brand is proud to announce that when eurolaser tested PERSPEX® acrylic sheet for lasering suitability, it was rated as “EXCELLENT SUITABILITY”.

A range of different thicknesses were tested:

The rating of “EXCELLENT SUITABILITY” was judged on minimal or no evidence of discolouration, melt lip, stress crazing and gloss level change, along with the smoothness of the cut edge of the material when lasered to produce shapes demonstrating a range of tasks; from straight lines, curves and acute corner angles where sudden changes in direction are required during cutting. The laser used for the tests was a eurolaser XL-1600.

eurolaser based near Hamburg in Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of CO2 laser systems for laser cutting, engraving and marking. CO2 laser systems are an ideal tool for the cutting and engraving of acrylic. They are characterized by very high precision and are suitable for all forms of PERSPEX® acrylic.

A collaboration between eurolaser and the PERSPEX® brand makes perfect sense. PERSPEX® cast acrylic sheet offers superior processing advantages in laser cutting and engraving applications, which when combined with its excellent properties, provides a unique material delivering optimum performance.

The PERSPEX® brand will continue to send further PERSPEX® products to eurolaser for testing to ensure that PERSPEX® acrylic achieves the highest results with various lasering technology, giving you the customer confidence in the performance of PERSPEX® acrylic.

We’ll keep you updated!