Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

There’s more to Perspex® than fifty shades…

With the release of blockbuster film Fifty Shades Darker just round the corner, this has got the Perspex® team thinking about our love of Grey….the colour.

As Leatrice Eiseman notes in Colors for Your Every Mood, "the greys represent solid strength and longevity”. Stylish, sophisticated and powerful, this colour family is one that stands the test of time.

The Pantone® Colour Institute states “Classic, composed and enduring yet at the same time full of mystery and allure, we think of the greys as a colour family that is glamourous and practical at the same time. With its power to transform, grey works seamlessly with all tints and tones; bringing a sobering maturity to pastels, a silent calm to passionate vivid brights and a classic appeal when partnered with black and white.”. Whether it’s product, retail or interior, it’s easy to see why designers continue to choose grey, time and time again.

With demand for grey on the up, the Perspex® brand continues to offer grey in various shades, light transmissions and textures:

  • Naturals Mineral Grey S2 9643 & Ash Grey S2 9642
  • Frost Stone Grey S2 9T21* & Slate Grey S2 9T23
  • Impressions Linear Grey P1 91TD
  • Duo Silver 9YY1
  • Coral Silver 9CL0
  • Pearlescent Azure 7PY3
  • Grey 9981*
  • Neutral Tints 901*, 923*, 9T13*, 9T20*, 9T21*, 9T56*

(*As part of Lucite International’s standard product offering)

Did you know it is believed that the human eye can distinguish more than 500 shades of grey?! If you can’t find a grey suitable in our range, our Perspex® Colour Matching Service is available.

To see a full list of the different product ranges the Perspex® brand offers, visit our Product Page and why not request a sample.