Get the look – and feel– with Perspex<sup>®</sup> Impressions

Get the look – and feel– with Perspex® Impressions

Perspex® Product Focus

How important are first impressions? It could be the difference between a sale or no sale, deal or no deal or positive/negative feelings of your products and services - that’s only if your customer eventually remembers you after a full day being exposed to over 3000 promotional messages…

How can you make your display stand out and be noticed in this contemporary jungle? It’s all about the attention-to-detail…

Perspex® Impressions ‘Linear’ demonstrates an alternative display solution: adding texture and depth to your projects. The seemingly intricate, yet elegant design is specially commissioned and registered. The surface pattern embedded into the sheet can be described as interlacing long irregular lines passing in one direction with others running perpendicular.

Any choice of colour can be applied to this bespoke pattern finish, although, the 9 ‘standard’ colours showcased below offer a wide range of effects, especially when light is introduced into the display; whether artificial or natural light, it brings the detail to life and leaves a lasting impression.

Order a sample today to fully realise how this customised textured finish has the ability to hide evidence of wear and tear, as well as retain the surface pattern when fabricated.

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