Perspex® acrylic sheet has a BRAND new design…

Here at Perspex® Brand HQ, a new masking design has been launched for Perspex® acrylic sheet. The refreshed print displays the unmistakeable Perspex® brand logo, our 10 year guarantee stamp, ISO certifications and our brand trademark disclaimer.

The new masking has already been applied to the first sheets of Perspex® acrylic which are on their way to our warehouse ready for distribution - so it won’t be too long before you catch a glimpse!

This new design will replace the current Perspex® branded masking, which was introduced in 2000 to remove old company information. Like our last refresh, it may take a little time to roll out to all of our products (have you seen the size of the Perspex® product range?!) …but don’t fret, with the previous masking specification being identical to this one, it still serves and protects the Perspex® acrylic sheet just as perfectly as the new masking.

For more information regarding Perspex® acrylic and protective masking, take a look in our Perspex® Design Guide.