PERSPEX<sup>®</sup> Wall of Fame at K 2019

PERSPEX® Wall of Fame at K 2019

A masterpiece created from over 100 full-size PERSPEX® acrylic sheets

K 2019, known as the leading global trade fair for plastics and rubber, took place in Dusseldorf from 16 to 23 October 2019. Approximately 225,000 visitors from 165 countries attended the show this year, taking great interest in plastics industry innovations.

Our parent company 3A Composites also participated in K 2019 and presented the well-known brands from its portfolio, including PERSPEX® brand. Visible from the far end of the area, 3A Composites’ stand attracted a high number of visitors from Germany and abroad.

Taking up the largest part of the booth, its back wall was built from hundreds of pieces of all different types of PERSPEX® acrylic representing its wide collection of colours, effects and textures. Over 100 PERSPEX® acrylic full-size sheets were cut and glued to create one masterpiece making the booth an interactive source of information about the PERSPEX® brand and its application areas.

This stylish PERSPEX® acrylic wall was a perfect showcase of both construction methods and the best material for the job. The technologies and processes used for fabrication of the booth may also be used for other applications such as signage, corporate branding, POP and POS displays, interior design pieces, etc.  Whatever your objective is, PERSPEX® acrylic is the perfect solution when you are looking for a material to achieve a whole range of stunning effects for your entire domestic, commercial and advertising needs.

Among other materials, visitors could try and engage with one of the latest developments by PERSPEX® brand – PERSPEX® Light & Illumination. At a separate smaller stand, 3A Composites brought together all products specifically optimised for lighting including PERSPEX® Diffuse, PERSPEX® Edge and PERSPEX® Reflect. The sales team was always on guard providing live demonstrations of these products to manufacturers and design engineers.

If you were not among attendees of K 2019, but would like to discuss the technological properties of PERSPEX® acrylic and available sampling opportunities, please contact our sales team

*Photocredit: © Philip Kistner Fotografie |