Perspex<sup>®</sup> Diffuse – The latest LED optical diffuser technology

Perspex® Diffuse – The latest LED optical diffuser technology

Perspex® Product Focus

Perspex® Diffuse cast acrylic sheet is the ‘must have’ in optical diffusing technology for use with LEDs, or other lamps.  Whether you want to:

  1. Offer a brighter panel
  2. Achieve a higher lumen/watt efficiency
  3. Develop a slimmer panel and still hide the LED hotspots
  4. Or even reduce the number of LEDs

Using Perspex® Diffuse as your diffusing panel can provide all these benefits and more. 

Its excellent colour correlation across the visible light spectrum will give you the confidence of achieving the output colour temperature you need without colour rendering and maintenance issues. 

Perspex® Diffuse is available in various light transmissions and thicknesses, ensuring there is a grade for use in your individual luminaire designs and making it suitable not only for back illumination but also for use in edge illuminated panels too.  Its capability to be easily fabricated make it equally suited for decorative lighting designs as well as for use in illuminated advertising and display applications.

As if all of these benefits aren’t enough, Perspex® Diffuse comes with a 10 year guarantee against yellowing and is 100% recyclable. 

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