Perspex<sup>®</sup> Edge – For edge illuminated light guide panels

Perspex® Edge – For edge illuminated light guide panels

Perspex® Product Focus

Perspex® Edge is the latest cast acrylic sheet for use in performance lighting applications, in particular those used to light up a room or an area.  The performance and technology of LEDs have continued to be improved, making them smaller and brighter which enables a natural coupling with the latest Perspex® acrylic sheet developed especially for edge illumination applications and slim luminaires.

So what makes Perspex® Edge so different? Its combination of long path light transmission with the latest particulate filler technology, optimised for specific panel sizes enables the production of light guide panels with high light output and even illumination.  The specially developed technology is contained within the sheet so that no further fabrication (etching, routing or printing) is required; therefore reducing overall luminaire production costs. 

Perspex® Edge is available in four optimised grades for double edge illumination of panels in specific widths e.g. for every luminaire size and is offered in 3 different thicknesses to cater for different types and sizes of LED. 

And if that wasn’t enough, Perspex® Edge comes with a 10 year guarantee against yellowing and is 100% recyclable.

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