Perspex<sup>®</sup> VA/VE - Enhanced for the very best UV protection

Perspex® VA/VE - Enhanced for the very best UV protection

Perspex® Product Focus                        

The Perspex® brand is well known for its colour expertise, but there is a hidden gem within the portfolio you might not know about, and that is Perspex® VA/VE. This product is the “protector” within the group. It is typically a museum favourite, but it can be applied to other uses too.

If it's picture or artwork glazing then Perspex® VA is the product for you, offering optimum UV protection coupled with maximum optical clarity in order to see the object on display in its true colours.

If it's museum exhibit glazing to protect precious artefacts then it’s Perspex® VE which absorbs 99.99% of all incident UV light below 400nm.

Specially formulated to give the ultimate performance, Perspex® VA/VE offers impressive viewing clarity with superior light transmission to glass and high resistance to degradation under intense UV radiation. Both UV absorbing grades can be thermoformed and fabricated with the same ease as standard Perspex® acrylic sheet.

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