Vink Housewarming Party!

Vink Housewarming Party!

Vink Finland move premises to satisfy capacity needs

PERSPEX® key partner and longstanding customer of over 30 years, Vink Finland OY, recently moved its company headquarters to a new site in Kerava. As a formal celebration of the move, Vink asked their suppliers, customers and colleagues to join them for a “Housewarming” party!

There were live singers, food, drinks, flowers (matching their statement corporate yellow colour) and product promotional areas. Hosted in the warehouse itself, visitors were able to see the vast new space that stocks their material offerings, including PERSPEX® acrylic sheet.

Vink’s marketing coordinator, Sari Salo, commented on the occasion:

“Our new ‘Vink Home’ here in Kerava, Finland is just great! The new premises are bigger and better compared to our previous premises, to best serve our customers”.

The production, central warehouse, administration and sales are now all under the same roof. Spreading over approximately 6,800 square meters; offering more storage space to fulfil the demand and also they have more capacity for additional fabrication work in the new premises.

In Finland, Vink is our sole distributor, operating from eight outlets in total, including regional warehouses and local sales offices across various cities, ensuring a flexible and fast service to their customers.

Congratulations Vink! We wish you all the very best in your new home!

Vink Finland’s new address is: Sortilantie 3, FI-04260 Kerava

This is available to view, along with our other distribution locations, on our Where to Buy area.