Wrights Retail @ EuroShop

Wrights Retail @ EuroShop

Wrights Plastics showcase their expanded product offering to European market

Wrights Plastics, a longstanding PDL approved Perspex® acrylic fabricator, have expanded their current range of services and increased manufacturing capability by acquiring Shrewsbury-based acrylic window & interior display manufacturer:  Mid West Display. Now, 12 months after joining forces, the double act decided to take their product offering to the World’s No. 1 retail trade event: EuroShop in Düsseldorf. It was the perfect opportunity to target new retail sector clients and strengthen their reseller network across Europe.

“The aim was to meet with existing clients to talk about the product range that we can now offer” Brett Sidaway, Marketing Manager commented; “… we are hopeful it has been a worthwhile event as we are keen to expand our export levels”.

The dedication and effort from the team was exceptional, which showed in the guest numbers, attracting visitors and positive feedback.

Perspex® acrylic was used numerous times throughout the stand, in particular the clothing rail below, showcasing hanging ‘T-Shirts’, aka Perspex® acrylic samples. The patterns visible below are printed directly onto the Perspex® acrylic, demonstrating the range of high quality finishes Wrights are capable of producing. Both displays and coverings in almost any effect are possible, such as realistic 3D brick pattern, tiling & rustic wood finish.

Perspex® Black 9T30 & Green 6T81 were cladded to MDF, creating a smooth attention grabbing surface for this Totem:

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