PERSPEX® Cell Cast Coral

Inspired by nature, PERSPEX® Coral echoes the dramatic textures and effects growing in tropical coral reefs.

It offers a deep, rich textural 3D effect, which gives it a subtle and intriguing appearance. Light it from behind and the unique effect displays a shimmering iridescence. Change your perspective and the effect appears to dance and ripple across the surface. Put all of this together and you have PERSPEX® Coral – an innovative, dramatic and truly unique product in the world of acrylic.

PERSPEX® Coral is the ultimate expression in customised solutions, with specially adapted minimum order quantities to meet your project needs. Additionally, all PERSPEX® Coral colours are made to match your personal specifications.

Ideal for adding an exclusive look to retail interiors, give style and substance to architectural installations or add a twist of individuality in statement furniture pieces, PERSPEX® Coral is the perfect material to inspire truly unique creations.

PERSPEX® Coral at a glance:

  • Distinctive 3D metallic effect
  • Bespoke customer solution
  • Effect appears to move subtly with changing light and perspective
  • Each sheet is unique with its own individual “fingerprint”
  • Infinite colour possibilities

Available Colours

Latest Coral Inspiration