PERSPEX® Cell Cast Pearlescent

Formulated to provide a range of products all with a softly shimmering lustre, PERSPEX® Pearlescent offers even more choice in today’s retail environment.

PERSPEX® Pearlescent offers an attractive effect to designers and specifiers – whether in the world of point of sale, display and visual communications, or other areas of design such as furniture and interiors.

The lustre in PERSPEX® Pearlescent is further enhanced by subtle changes in its appearance depending on the light source and direction, meaning that virtually every POS display crafted from PERSPEX® Pearlescent could be considered unique!

  • Pearl - a natural light opal
  • Azure – a cool and delicate blue
  • Candy – a soft and subtle pink
  • Platinum - a steely, almost metallic grey
  • Caramel Gold – a rich warm gold

Available Colours

Latest Pearlescent Inspiration