PERSPEX® Cell Cast Vario

PERSPEX® Vario creates a sense of movement and energy. As the angle of vision shifts the change in edge colour gives an even greater depth to these intrinsically exotic tints.

Designed for use in interior applications such as point of sale, display units, signs, furnishings and light fittings, PERSPEX® Vario is the ideal material for the most audacious projects. The six transparent colours with a striking vivid edge which make up the PERSPEX® Vario range take us on an unforgettable journey to new horizons where the magic of the tropics is embodied.

  • Tropical Yellow – fresh and dazzling
  • Caribbean Peach – pure and soft
  • Honolulu Pink - to set the mood swinging
  • Lagoon Green – soothing and delicate
  • Cascade Blue - the perfect blue of the southern seas
  • Passion Flower Violet – an engaging, vibrant tone

Available Colours

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