PERSPEX® Cell Cast S-Lux & G-Lux

Specifically designed to give optimum performance in terms of even light distribution and superb brightness, our edge lit technologies bring your graphics to life! PERSPEX® S-Lux & G-Lux are grouped together under one umbrella range, specially developed for visual communication, display and signage applications: PERSPEX® Illumination.

PERSPEX® S-Lux, Patented technology, has a special textured finish on one side of the sheet, producing an even illumination across the surface. Perfect for anything from small signs to large poster boxes and Euro posters, it is a versatile product giving optimum edge lighting capability regardless of the size of your sign.

PERSPEX® G-Lux is a transparent sheet with a double-sided gloss finish that contains a new particulate filled technology to carefully control the reflection of emitted light; giving excellent sign efficiency and superior even illumination with a graphic/diffuser. This allows for thinner light panels, optimized for diverse sign sizes, with no need for laser engraving. Created to complement PERSPEX® S-Lux, it is a versatile product that gives optimum edge lighting for any visual communication application.

In addition, PERSPEX® S-Lux & G-Lux offer all the product characteristics you have come to expect from PERSPEX® acrylic: outstanding weathering, light weight, easy to install and excellent durability.

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