PERSPEX® Diffuse uses a new generation technology suitable for use as a diffuser in both back lit and edge lit light panels. The grade is uniquely positioned to maximize light output and performance; offering superior brightness and even light distribution.

This is a double-sided matt range of opal light diffusors available in 3 grades with 60%, 70% and 80% light transmissions; giving customers optimised panel brightness and evenness in tandem with their choice of LEDs and ceiling panel performance specifications. The diffusion power is second to none, along with its outstanding hiding capabilities for LED/light hotspots allowing better design flexibility and slimmer lighting panels.

In addition to the specific benefits for lighting, PERSPEX® Diffuse owns all of the main characteristics of a standard PERSPEX® acrylic sheet, including a 10 year guarantee, 100% recyclability and meeting standard luminaire performance requirements. This product can also be used with PERSPEX® Edge and PERSPEX® Reflect, all three products are a part of the same range: PERSPEX® Light.

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