PERSPEX® Edge is a particulate filled light guide panel technology specially developed and optimised for use with LED’s in edge lighting. This product has excellent colour rendition with superior long path light transmission (91%); capable of enhancing any ceiling panel and allows for even slimmer designs to suit any interior need.

Edge is a double-sided gloss acrylic sheet which works with the particulate technology to carefully control the reflection and management of emitted light, producing an even illumination across the surface. It is a versatile product giving the best possible brightness, because the formulation of each grade takes the size of your light panel into consideration. The products are individually optimised for the panel width and are available in a range of thicknesses; working in tandem with your choice of LEDs to ensure efficient lighting units with lower energy costs.

In addition to the key benefits, PERSPEX® Edge owns all of the main characteristics of a standard PERSPEX® acrylic sheet, including a 10-year guarantee, 100% recyclability and meeting standard luminaire performance requirements. This product can be optimised when used with PERSPEX® Diffuse and PERSPEX® Reflect, all three products are a part of the same range: PERSPEX® Light.

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