PERSPEX® Reflect has been specifically developed to be used as the rear surface of luminaires where acrylic is the material of choice. A reflective sheet that can be used in edge lit or back lit lighting panels designed to reflect light back through the front of the panel, enhancing light output in advertising posters, ceiling panels and signage.

This double-sided high gloss white product allows for superior light reflectance in comparison to other matt surfaces; enhancing light output for brighter and more even panels. Developed to be used in conjunction with PERSPEX® Light and PERSPEX® Illumination products to optimise brightness.

In addition to the key benefits, PERSPEX® Reflect owns all of the main characteristics of a standard PERSPEX® acrylic sheet, including a 10-year guarantee, 100% recyclability and meeting standard luminaire performance requirements. PERSPEX® Reflect can be used to complement the other products from the ranges: PERSPEX® Light for lighting applications and PERSPEX® Illumination for Visual Communication applications.

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