PERSPEX® Cell Cast Vision

In today’s world of high impact, high profile and high value communications, getting your message across to your customers has never been more important. Competition for their attention is intense so having your brand, message and identity clear for all to see is a must – that is where PERSPEX® Vision comes in.

Specifically designed to create rear projection screens that display superbly sharp images, PERSPEX® Vision is perfect for the advertising, POS and promotion sector.

PERSPEX® Clear Vision is a transparent product which gives pin-point clarity to the projected image. Screens made using PERSPEX® Clear Vision have a superb 170° viewing angle and give and extremely bright clear image – even in well-lit environments.

PERSPEX® Hi Vision is an opaque sheet which will retain the full clarity, sharpness and contrast of your projected image. Screens made from PERSPEX® Hi Vision have a spectacular viewing angle of 175° and can even be colour matched to your specific requirements to give optimum projection.

And because it is PERSPEX® brand acrylic, you have all the usual benefits:

  • Can be shaped to make curved screens for optimum use of floor space
  • Lightweight so screens are easy to install
  • Available as 3 x 2 metre sheet for larger, high impact images
  • Extremely hard wearing and durable for longer life screens

And of course PERSPEX® Vision comes with the guaranteed PERSPEX® acrylic sheet quality.

Available Colours

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