PERSPEX® Cell Cast Impressions

PERSPEX® Impressions Linear adds a completely new aspect to the world renowned PERSPEX® brand. It is a sophisticated new pattern which enhances the stylish appearance and superb performance of PERSPEX® acrylic by adding an element of both design and texture to the sheet.

Inspired by the emerging trend for greater depth and texture in materials, PERSPEX® Impressions Linear was specifically created to appeal to designers, architects, brands, retailers and shop fitters who are seeking a material with the potential to create a truly unique look and feel.

Thanks to its ability to hide fingerprints, as well as its outstanding ease of fabrication, PERSPEX® Impressions Linear is perfect for a limitless range of applications including:

  • Point of purchase
  • Partitioning / screening
  • Interior design
  • Furniture
  • Architectural features
  • Artworks and many more besides

And because the design is inherent in the sheet, it will not be rubbed or scratched off nor can it be delaminated.

Available Colours

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