Sweet Pastels

Sweet Pastels

What’s Your Flavour?

Introducing the yummiest colour range from the PERSPEX® brand: PERSPEX® Sweet Pastels.

These fresh pops of colour are set to tempt creators by offering a Pick ‘n’ Mix of mouth-watering flavours; they’re vibrant, fun and inspiring.

Nine flamboyant pastel shades are available as standard sheet size with 3mm thickness. An additional benefit of each sheet is the one-sided satin finish, providing the best of both worlds for the consumer by offering both matt and gloss surfaces all in one sheet.

PERSPEX® Sweet Pastels have all the excellent physical properties of our standard cell cast acrylic sheet. All nine delicious colours were specifically developed with the retail industry in mind; lightweight and easy to install for pop up displays, yet strong durable and hard wearing for those more demanding interior needs.

Available Colours

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