Transparent Colours & Tints

Transparent Colours & Tints

PERSPEX® Cell Cast Transparent Colours & Tints

From subtle greys to vibrant reds, PERSPEX® Transparent Colours and Tints harness natural light to bring them to life.

PERSPEX® Transparent Colours and Tints are used in a whole spectrum of applications from automotive and marine glazing to signage and displays, where colour and transparency are key to the design and function.

Automotive and marine glazing: the vast array of PERSPEX® Neutral tints lends itself perfectly to caravan windows, motorcycle windshields and for use in luxury yachts. Some of the main performance qualities include:

  • Outstanding optical clarity
  • Excellent UV and weather resistance
  • Light weight
  • Wide range of available neutral tints

Signage and displays: If you are looking to add the “wow-factor” to your designs, then the vibrancy of the PERSPEX® Transparent Colours and Tints range will do just that. And thanks to the versatility and quality of PERSPEX® acrylic, the only limitation will be your imagination!

  • Vast range of available colours
  • Ease of fabrication and installation
  • Resistant to shocks, abrasions and scratches
  • Easy to clean and repair

With all of this and more, it is no wonder that the design community has been specifying PERSPEX® acrylic colours for so long.

Available Colours

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