From the product itself to the way it is produced, packed and shipped we put environmental, economic social and cultural considerations at the heart of our strategic planning process. We’re passionate about continuous improvement, reducing our environmental footprint and leading the way in innovation and fresh thinking.

The product

The outstanding performance characteristics of PERSPEX® cell cast acrylic mean that it offers outstanding durability, giving a longer lifespan and less frequent requirement for replacement. It is also a non-toxic, pure material that is easy to reuse or recycle whatever the colour or aesthetic effect.

The process

With over a 97% manufacturing efficiency and a flexible production process, we continually strive to maximise efficiencies in manufacturing.  Add the fact that we send zero acrylic waste to landfill and that we have recently made a significant investment to reduce our water consumption during production by more than 24 million litres per year, then it is easy to see that we are never wasteful and always believe in going further.

The packaging and product miles

Committed to creating as little waste as possible and sending less and less to landfill, we’re well on our way to achieving our aim of sending absolutely zero waste to landfill. Amongst the improvements we have made we:

• Reduce the amount of fibreboard we use in packaging
• Recycle all kinds of waste from gasket tails, masking and fibreboard to metal filters and wood
• Have situated our manufacturing and warehouse operations in close proximity to one another to minimise internal transport
• Wherever possible we source raw materials locally to minimise product miles

The people

As a company we strive to implement practices that promote economic security and social betterment. Furthermore, we ensure that we operate ethically across all global regions, treating employees, stakeholders, customers and suppliers with integrity and fairness to ensure that we continue to be a sustainable business that enhances the world we live in.